KN95 protective face mask (China GB2626-2006)


Jiangsu Weichuangli New Materials Co.

4-LYER CONSTRUCTION: This mask is soft to the touch and its multi-layer construction allows for an easy and comfortable feel and fit on the face.

LIGHT AND FOLDABLE :This lightweight mask can be easily folded and transported.

BETTER PROTECTION: This mask is designed to offer better protection than a standard 3-layer disposable mask. Package of 20 masks. These masks must be discarded after each use.

Model #WCL-0075

This KN95 mask is NOT an N95 mask. For more information on KN95 masks, please fill in the attached information form: 



  • A disposable product that reduces exposure to small particles thanks to its filtration properties. Helps protect against airborne infectious agents.
  • Filters 95% of airborne particles
  • Tight fit, allowing minimal leakage
  • 5 units per pack / 1000 units per carton, minimum order quantity is 1000 units per carton.


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